Apocalyptic alien/zombie comic series 


The Event


Something from out there is down here and it wants you, and everyone in your town, to join in an event of apocalyptic proportion.


Ever wanted to just take out someone you hate and you just wished they were some kind of horrible monster so you could just haul off and bash… ha, hey! You get the point.


Wondering where your mom is? Can’t find your dad? Quick! Look behind you. No, Seriously dude. I totally mean it.

Welcome to Pandora Falls

The Story

The comic tells a story of survival, through the eyes of some unique characters. Pandora Falls is a small tourist town nestled deep in the mountains. It’s a town where everyone knows each others business and for the most part they all get along. On the day of the town’s fall festival, we find everyone is busy with their day-to-day life. Almost nobody notices a glowing green comet crash-land in their own backyard! The events thereafter will change the course of their lives forever…if they survive that is.

So, if you like comic books with groups of misfits, from small towns in the middle of nowhere , banding together to survive  alien/zombie apocalypse-isis – and who doesn’t – then this is the book for you!

Pandora Crew







Team E.L.E.

Jason Parsons

Comic Book Author
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Francisco Quilez


Neko Punch

Inker, Colorist, Letterer

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What the People are Saying

The book has a very clean, professional and cohesive feel that sometimes eludes and independent offering of this sort. – Read Review Craig Nickel (@GraphicNovice ) Host - Graphic Novice Podcast
I found E.L.E to be beautifully drawn and had absolutely stunning colors, along with the well written storyline will keep me coming back. – Read Review Courtney K. (@GeekyGamerChick) The Game Huntress Blog
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